Preparing for The Vanlife: 5 Tips To Get You On The Road

Whether it is choosing to give up your 9 to 5 and live the flexible work movement or you are taking an extended holiday to travel the world. Being prepared and learning about all the ups and downs, can help you to properly prepare for making the shift to life on the road.

Sort Out A Reliable Power Source

One of the most important tasks before setting off is sorting out a reliable power source. This will ensure that you can confidently, park anywhere for the night, even the most remote areas, and still access all the amenities you need.

Regardless if you are a working digital nomad or not, your van will need the ability to power several gadgets, such as smartphones, fridge, TV, speakers, laptop, light and air conditioning. Some items need 120V AC, so won’t run off the battery or solar panels alone, as they only supply 12V DC. This means you’ll need a stronger source of power, such as an inverter to a battery hook up.

Having a good inverter means it does not matter where you pull up for the night or where you park to do a bit of work, you’ll be covered.

Start Simple

When you live in a van you open yourself up to a world of endless adventures, but it does mean that you downsize your living space. You no longer have the extra space for needless things and what you do have should have a practical use.

It is important to plan your space, installing storage to make sure you can keep things organised and tidy. Put time and effort into figuring out what essential items you’ll need, cooking utensils, office space, PlayStation or room for a surfboard. You’ll find that excess is a burden when living in a van and that practising minimalism can boost your overall wellbeing.

Plus, chances are, you can always pick up something you need whilst on the road.

Take Your Time

When you are planning your route it is really easy to get carried away and try to cram too much in. A packed schedule can leave you with limited time between each stop, forcing you to pack all the activities into a small window, leaving you exhausted, with little time to enjoy the destination itself.

The beauty of the van life is, the ability to stop wherever you want and in doing so adventures can happen organically. Learn to slow down and appreciate the things that turn up on your doorstep, instead of constantly craving for the next thing.

Prepare For The Unexpected

It’s an unavoidable fact that things will go wrong on the road, you may pop a tire, catch the flu or get stuck in a storm. By preparing for the unexpected, you’ll save yourself time and stress when a situation arises.

Providing you’ve got the right tool kit stored away, you should be able to fix most little problems at the roadside. Along with a toolbox make sure to bring along a first aid kit, headlamp, duct tape, spare electrical connectors and fuses.

It’s Not Always A Walk In The Park

Life on the road will throw all sorts of challenges your way. It is important not to sweat the small stuff. You will be presented with a stressful situation daily. It could be that your van breaks down, the campsite you were counting on will be closed or you’ll run out of water. Just remember that anything can be fixed and dealt within a matter of time.

Whenever things go wrong, don’t be afraid to reach out to friends and other travellers to ask for help. There is a network of vandwellers who can give you some handy advice, or if you’re lucky, they may be carrying an extra jerrycan to help you get on your way.

Embarking on the vanlife can be the beginning of a new exciting and adventurous lifestyle. It is an awesome way to travel, connect with new communities, all while reducing your carbon footprint. There are good and bad sides to every lifestyle, and although even though there are some tough parts of vanlife, if you are prepared you will learn to love the quirks. The good will overwhelmingly outway the challenges.