The most beautiful islands of Italy

Ischia has been awarded with the prize of the most sought island: the list was compiled by the Observatory hotel search travel blog Trivago, based on research in the period from 1 January to 11 March 2012. Therefore, it is the largest part of the Italian islands (Sicily and Sardinia included) to attract the majority of the votes, surpassing the nearby Capri, a destination still retains an aura of exclusivity. The two islands have, however, showed an increase of 5% of the research compared to the same period last year.


On the lowest step of the podium places the is the Island of Elba, which is at the same data from twelve months ago. Positive sign come from Lampedusa, in fourth position, which marks a significant increase from last year, when it suffered the consequences of the wave of migration from North Africa.

Aragonese Castle, Ischia
Aragonese Castle, Ischia

Here’s the top ten of the most sought islands after in 2012:

1. Ischia

2. Capri

3. Elbe

4. Lampedusa

5. Favignana

6. Lipari

7. Pantelleria

8. Procida

9. Ponza

10. Giglio Island

By Alba V

Photos: ilpavone2004

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