2The Scarlet, Cornwall

The Scarlet, Cornwall

The hotel Scarlet was built with the vision to provide a unique building sustainable development, which fits perfectly into the natural environment. The result is an impressive hotel, which sits atop the cliff of Cornwall, whose premises, lines and stunning views has the power both to impress and tranquility to its guests. Environmental concerns are of intense, starting with recyclable packaging waste management in the kitchen, and from water treatment facilities to reduce waste. Two outdoor hot tub and a pool is filtered naturally, offer moments of relaxation.

Even the water is heated by solar energy and almost the entire construction of the hotel have used recycled or environmentally friendly materials. Indoors dominate wood, wool and furniture made in Britain. The rate of emission of the building is estimated to be 73% less than a building of the same size and design. In the center of the hotel spa treatments made from natural products, organic fabrics used, while flip flops are made from recycled vehicle tires. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

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