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Burning mountain | The fire that burns endlessly in Australia

If you approach this place, now converted into a tourist attraction, you will soon begin to realize that something strange happens. The landscape changes around and eucalyptus forests give way to a lot of dead trees and hollow logs that some animals use as their creepy home. After a hike there it is: a thread of smoke emanating from […]

What are mirages and why they can be photographed

Our brain deceives us. But not on purpose, it is just a fault when optimizing processes. The brain is ready to respond equally to similar stimuli automatically, ‘without thinking’. This saves time when interpreting the reality in which we live, but there is a problem: it makes us believe things that do not exist when reality is strange, and optical […]

A warm winter | Five shelters with fireplace and all amenities

The worse the weather is, the better. This will give us even more pleasure to be staying in a nice winter retreat. Many of them are spread over Spain: cottages with design or rustic fireplaces, but where now we can enjoy a jacuzzi or spa treatment. These five following ones are good examples: – Molino de los Gamusinos (Tolbaños, Ávila): It […]

The best gift for valentine | Romantic getaway to Porto

These days there are many offers for romantic getaways for Valentine’s Day and today is the turn of Oporto. Imagine the picture: sunset from the banks of the Duero, getting an overview of leaning over the amber river Porto. A romantic postcard which many would not hesitate to join. Or do you prefer something less photogenic […]

The costs of taking the ski gear depending on each airline

Luggage is always a subject of reflection when planning a trip. The question that might often come to our mind is: what can airlines do to convince us to check in our luggage? And the answer is simple, to lower costs or provide facilities. This issue is of paramount importance when you have a special need. When you have to travel for […]

Magical Cuba

There are few places on earth as magical as Cuba and it would be a struggle to find a more perfect holiday destination. Many who have visited this Caribbean jewel have been so moved by their experiences that, again and again, they’ve been compelled to return. The good news is that package holidays make it […]

Peggy| The hottest lighthouse in Canada

Peggy| The hottest lighthouse in Canada

If you are going to Nova Scotia, remember to wear flowers in your hair as if you were going to San Francisco, and also to visit a quaint place that will make you feel as if you were in one of those paintings in a Canadian rural house. We are talking about Peggy, a fishermen village and […]

Seeing the world with Cruise Plotter

Have you always dreamed of getting out there and seeing the world? Of leaving the daily grind and just getting away from it all, even on a temporary basis? Well, thanks to the all-new Cruise Plotter from Dealchecker, the process of booking your international getaway has just become even easier. Many people are often put […]

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