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The Beautiful Spotted Lake Of Canada

Spotted Lake is one of the most unique natural attractions in Canada. It is located in British Columbia, about 100 km east of Vancouver, near the border with the United States. This is a lacustrine formation of surreal aspect. Native Indians of the Okanagan Valley know is as the sacred lake. But for the rest […]

The Most Incredible Rope Bridges On Earth

There are bridges around the world that will leave you breathless. Not only because of how high above the ground you’ll be, but also because of how amazingly beautiful they are. Today we’re looking at the most incredible rope bridges and footbridges on earth. Suspended above land and water, giving an incredible view but at […]

An Explosion Of Flowers In The Utah Badlands

The American Badlands or wastelands, as the name implies, are vast expanses of land with little to no life, almost completely dry and barren. However, you won’t believe that even such landscapes can at least once a year be completely filled with flowers! You read that right. Every year in Spring, thanks to the moisture […]

Villa Borghese | The Green Lung Of Rome

Villa Borghese is presented as the green lung of Rome, and is considered the second largest public park in Rome (80 hectares) behind Villa Pamphili. For the Romans, Villa Borghese is the most famous and dearest city park alongside the more popular of the Italian capital. This park is located on the Pincian hill, between […]

Traveling To Japan | Explore The Country Of The Rising Sun

When a trip to Japan is planned, it is best to know more about all the tourist potential of the Japanese destination, understanding how the territory is made. It is in fact distributed in four major areas which are easily accessible by train and by highway. Honshu is the largest area of the country and also […]

World’s Tallest Glass Bridge In Zhangjiajie, China

China is a huge country with many projects underway. Many of them aim to amaze the world and today we’re presenting one like that. This year in Zhangjiajie National Park opened to the public a bridge with  glass floor. It is the longest and highest in the world. It is also very versatile. This building […]

Tigre Hotel | The Best Art Museum In Buenos Aires

One of the tourist destinations in Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina, is the Tigre. The province of Buenos Aires is divided into zones and one of them is Tiger. It’s a destination that for some time now has been experiencing rapid growth since they have developed many gated communities exploiting the coastal zone of the Rio […]

Weh Island And Its Incredible Ecosystem In Sumatra

Earth is beautiful above and below the water. Luckily, diving technology has improved dramatically in recent decades and today we can dive and snorkel without missing any part of the beautiful submarine world! There are many great dive sites and many of them are in Asia. Sumatra, for example, has several. West Sumatra is part […]

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